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Keen on working together with us? We are currently looking for partners to continue developing our process mining tool survey. If you are interested in raising awareness of process mining, please get in touch with us.

Digital Industrial Service Systems

The Chair of Digital Industrial Service Systems at University of Erlangen-Nürnberg has competencies in various methodological and application-oriented areas of focus. We use this knowledge and experience to improve the conception, supply, and the delivery of IT-supported services. Our main fields of research comprise:

  • Services
  • Business Process Management, incl. Process Mining
  • Information Management

Applied and design-oriented (collaborative) research

The Chair develops immediate solutions for observed operational issues or social challenges. Thus, we work closely with companies and associations and we are also involved in the application and implementation of publicly funded third-party projects, with interdisciplinary and partial international consortia.

We publish our research results in the leading specialized journals of our discipline. The Chair is committed to the scientific community of business informatics, for example through event organizations or through publications of professional and specialized journals.

Chair of Digital Industrial Service Systems at University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

For further information on our publications and areas of research, check out our Chair website.

To learn more about our approach taken in the tool survey, please visit the methodology page.

Contact for content related to the PM software comparison:

Matthias Stierle

Matthias Stierle

Contact: matthias.stierle@fau.de

Daniel Viner

Daniel Viner

Contact: daniel.viner@fau.de